President Biden delivering a speech from the Oval Office

Tom Brenner for The New York Times

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In his speech from the Oval Office yesterday, what was President Biden's primary argument to justify funding additional aid to Israel and Ukraine?

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After falling short in two consecutive votes in his bid to become House speaker, what has Representative Jim Jordan’s ultimately announced as his next step?

Jim Jordan has decided to run for a third time. Although it was briefly reported that he would back Patrick McHenry as the interim speaker, he reversed his decision hours later. The next vote is scheduled for today at 10 a.m.

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Which decision did the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently make in a bid to ensure equal access to all websites without interference from internet service providers?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to bring back net neutrality rules, a principle that ensures equal access to all websites, which was repealed during the Trump administration. This decision has been met with opposition from telecommunications companies, who argue that it burdens broadband providers and raises concerns about regulatory overreach and cybersecurity.

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Which WNBA team, led by two-time MVP A'ja Wilson, recently secured their second consecutive championship, becoming the first WNBA team to be repeat champions in over 20 years?

The Las Vegas Aces, led by A'ja Wilson, had a dominant regular season with a record of 34-6 and went 7-1 during the playoffs. They beat the New York Liberty 3-1.

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The NCAA has launched an investigation into this college football team, which is currently ranked second in the country, for allegations of sign stealing.

The NCAA is investigating the Michigan football program for allegedly scouting future opponents in-person. Specifically, the issue is whether Michigan had individuals attend games of future opponents to learn what signs they use to call offensive and defensive plays.