Biden signing an AI executive order

Doug Mills/The New York Times

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Which of the following best describes the purpose of the first-ever executive order on artificial intelligence issued by the White House?

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What is the intent behind the Biden administration's proposal to develop a new variant of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb, B61-13?

The Biden administration aims to replace the aging U.S. stockpile of nuclear weapons with the B61-13 variant. This new variant will include modern safety, security, and accuracy features, similar to the B61-12, an Obama-era variant. The production of B61-13s is not intended to increase the overall number of weapons in the U.S. stockpile.

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Which automaker recently followed in the footsteps of Ford and Stellantis by reaching a tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW), ending a labor dispute that had caused disruptions for over a month and a half?

General Motors (GM) and the United Auto Workers (UAW) have reached a tentative agreement, following similar agreements by Ford and Stellantis. The details of GM's agreement are not yet disclosed, but it is expected to mirror those of Ford and Stellantis, leading to the largest wage increases for UAW members in decades.

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In the ongoing legal battle in Colorado, what is the key argument made by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) against former President Donald Trump's potential presidential run?

CREW argues that Trump violated the 14th Amendment by allegedly inciting the Capitol rioters on January 6, 2021, thereby becoming an "insurrectionist" and disqualifying himself from future presidential runs. Trump, on the other hand, has strongly opposed the lawsuit, asserting that he did not violate the 14th Amendment and that only Congress can decide his disqualification.

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Which new trend is seeing a rise in popularity on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, where some ‘Granfluencers' are earning well into six figures?

The term 'Granfluencers' refers to older individuals who are leveraging social media platforms to share lessons, gain fame, and earn money. One example is Lynn Davis, a retired engineer, who found success on social media during the pandemic when her son asked her to help him shoot cooking videos. Others offer life lessons on relationships, managing expectations, and living life to the fullest.