World Series Champions

Sean M. Haffey / MLB

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Which team won their first World Series last night?

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Which group(s) were able to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing into Egypt for the first time since the Israeli blockade was established?

The Rafah crossing served as an exit point for hundreds of foreign passport-holders, aid organization staff, and critically wounded patients amidst the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. The group included citizens from various European countries, Australia, Japan, and Indonesia. The terms of the deal allowing this exit remain undisclosed, leading to confusion and frustration among those left behind.

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Despite facing federal charges related to fraudulent financial schemes, which U.S. Representative survived a House vote to expel him yesterday?

The House of Representatives voted not to expel George Santos. Some lawmakers argue Santos is unfit to serve, while others, like Speaker Mike Johnson, believe that Santos should not be removed without a criminal conviction. Most Republicans and 31 Democrats voted not to expel him.

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What was the result of the recent Federal Reserve meeting regarding the current interest rates?

The Federal Reserve decided to keep the interest rates steady at 5.25 to 5.5 percent. This decision was made in the hopes of curbing economic growth and slowing down price increases, as the Fed is currently cautious about the state of inflation. The rates have remained unchanged since July, and the Fed believes they are high enough to achieve their goal.

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What is the American Ornithological Society doing in response to pressure from birders for a more inclusive environment?

The American Ornithological Society has decided to rename all bird species named after individuals, aiming to avoid honoring those with racist or colonial pasts. Examples include the Audubon's shearwater and the Scott's oriole. The renaming process will focus on more descriptive names based on the birds' habitats or physical features.