Senator Joe Manchin

Haiyun Jiang for The New York Times

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Which Democratic senator, from a GOP-leaning state, announced he won't be seeking reelection in 2024, possibly giving Republicans an opportunity for a Senate seat?

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Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a daily four-hour pause in Gaza military operations after negotiations with US officials. What is the primary purpose of these pauses?

The primary purpose of these pauses is to allow humanitarian aid to reach civilians in northern Gaza. This comes as the region faces severe shortages of food, water, fuel, and electricity due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Despite some aid entering Gaza from Egypt, aid groups emphasize the need for more assistance given the scale of the crisis.

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According to the Vatican's doctrinal office, who can now serve as godparents at Roman Catholic baptisms, witnesses at religious weddings, and receive baptism themselves?

The Vatican's doctrinal office responded to questions from Bishop Jose Negri of Santo Amaro in Brazil, stating that transgender individuals can serve in religious roles, including as godparents and witnesses at weddings. However, this is subject to certain conditions and the discretion of the local priest.

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After 16 years, which women-focused news outlet recently suspended its operations due to financial struggles?

Jezebel, a popular news outlet known for its coverage of sex, celebrity, and politics, has suspended its operations due to financial struggles. The decision, made by the CEO of parent company G/O Media, is part of an editorial restructuring that includes layoffs across the company.

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Which pioneering environmental step has Heirloom Carbon Technologies become the first to take, with Microsoft already on board as a client?

Heirloom Carbon Technologies has opened the first commercial plant in the United States that utilizes direct air capture to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The company intends to sell carbon removal credits to other corporations seeking to offset their emissions. Critics argue the technology is costly and may detract from efforts to reduce emissions.