Demonstrators in Tel Aviv

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In a major diplomatic breakthrough, what significant action have Israel and Hamas separately announced in their ongoing conflict?

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Which cryptocurrency founder plead guilty to money laundering, agreeing to step down from his CEO role and pay a $50 million fine?

Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance, has pleaded guilty to money laundering violations. As part of the settlement, Zhao will pay a $50 million fine and step down from his role as CEO. The company itself will also pay $4.3 billion in fines and restitution. Binance also accepted the appointment of a government monitor to oversee its operations.

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Which country has seen the first publicly-reported U.S. strikes in response to attacks against American troops by Iranian-backed militants?

The U.S. has conducted two series of strikes in Iraq, specifically targeting facilities of the Kataeb Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed militant group. These strikes were a direct response to recent attacks on U.S. and Coalition forces in the region, marking the first publicly reported U.S. responses in Iraq.

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Which "Thelma & Louise" actress has lost representation by United Talent Agency due to controversial remarks at a pro-Palestinian rally?

Susan Sarandon, a five-time Oscar nominee and one-time winner, was dropped by United Talent Agency after making comments at a pro-Palestinian rally. Melissa Barrera faced a similar fate with Spyglass Media Group after posting comments on Instagram about Israel's retaliation for the Hamas attacks.

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Which New York politician, who has been accused of sexual harassment and covering up Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes, is rumored to be considering a NYC mayoral run pending results of Eric Adams' ongoing federal investigation?

Andrew Cuomo resigned as governor following allegations of sexual harassment and covering up Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes. Despite his controversies, his supporters believe he could still be competitive in a mayoral race if voter discontent grows over issues like immigration and public safety. However, critics believe the city needs a leader free from corruption scandals.