An ambulance waits to carry workers trapped in a tunnel in India

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Following a landslide in India, a group of trapped construction workers were finally rescued yesterday after over two weeks. What factor played a pivotal role in this prolonged rescue?

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This vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, known for being close business partners with Warren Buffett, passed away yesterday at the age of 99.

Charles T. Munger, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and partner to Warren Buffett, was instrumental in establishing the company's successful investing approach. He was for his witty maxims, or "Mungerisms," investing acumen, and passion for architecture, having donated millions to university architecture projects.

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What controversial practice was Sports Illustrated recently found to be engaging in, raising concerns about media ethics and reader trust?

Sports Illustrated was found to be publishing articles written by AI-generated authors without disclosing this to their readers. The controversy also includes the use of AI-generated headshots for these fake authors. When asked about the articles, they proceeded to delete them all.

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What popular food in the U.S. is driving deforestation, seizures of private lands, and gang violence in western Mexico?

The rising demand for avocados in the United States is driving deforestation in western Mexico. Various actors, including criminal gangs, landowners, corrupt officials, and community leaders, are illegally seizing private lands and clearing forests to grow avocado orchards.

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What new idea is the Indigenous Miskito group from Honduras testing in the U.S. legal system for refugees?

Multiple hurricanes devastated Honduras in 2020 and drug cartels exploited the government's inability to address the situation. Current asylum law, established over seven decades ago, does not account for climate change as a factor. This case could set a precedent for the millions of individuals projected to be displaced due to climate change by 2050.