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Jackie Dives for The New York Times

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Which of the following was the target of an alleged assassination plot, orchestrated by an Indian national in the US, that could potentially strain relations between the U.S., Canada, and India?

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Which former US Secretary of State, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize but also known for controversial war-related actions, passed away yesterday at the age of 100?

Henry Kissinger, the 56th US Secretary of State, was a controversial figure in American foreign policy. His diplomatic strategies earned him the Nobel Peace Prize, but many denounced him as a war criminal. He and his family escaped Germany to the US in 1938.

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In China, what serious respiratory illness has become unusually prevalent in children, differing from the rise in conditions seen in other countries post the easing of COVID-19 restrictions?

China is witnessing a surge in respiratory illnesses, particularly pneumonia, in children. This trend is different from other countries that reported an increase in influenza and RSV after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. This surge in illnesses is possibly due to increased susceptibility to respiratory infections after three years of COVID-19 measures.

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Which milestone in sustainable aviation travel was recently achieved by Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic made a significant stride in sustainable aviation by successfully completing a transatlantic flight using only sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a type of biofuel made from waste fats and plant sugars. This achievement marks the first time a commercial plane has crossed the Atlantic Ocean without using fossil fuels.

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Which of the following best describes General Motors' cautious approach to its Cruise autonomous driving division following recent accidents?

G.M. is adjusting its strategy for the Cruise division following accidents involving its self-driving taxis. This decision comes after California regulators suspended Cruise's operating license due to multiple safety incidents, namely when a car ran over a pedestrian who had been hit by another car and dragged her for 20 feet.