A freight ship


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Which body of water has seen a halt in oil shipments due to fears of drone and missile attacks, leading to a rise in global oil prices?

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What power does the new law signed by Governor Greg Abbott grant to Texas law enforcement officials?

The newly-signed law has sparked controversy, with critics arguing that it could lead to racial profiling and overwhelm local jails and courts. The law's potential to cause a legal standoff between Texas and the federal government stems from the question of who has the authority over immigration enforcement.

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Which tech giant is halting sales of its latest smartwatch models in the U.S. due to a patent dispute over a blood oxygen sensor?

Apple is set to stop selling the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in the U.S. due to a patent dispute with Masimo Corp. The International Trade Commission ruled in October that Apple violates Masimo's patents related to the blood oxygen sensor. A presidential review of the ban is currently underway.

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What significant step did the Vatican announce yesterday to make the church more inclusive?

The Vatican has taken a significant step by allowing priests to bless same-sex couples. However, these blessings are non-liturgical and are different than the sacrament of marriage, which the Vatican still defines as a union between a man and a woman.

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Which design company abandoned its $20 billion takeover of Figma due to increasing regulatory opposition?

Adobe abandoned the $20 billion takeover due to regulatory scrutiny in the US, EU, and Britain. This development marks another victory for tougher antitrust enforcement, following the recent sale of Grail by Illumina after an appeals court supported the Federal Trade Commission's argument.