Bill Belichick

Michael Dwyer/Associated Press

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Bill Belichick, often considered the greatest coach in NFL history, has stepped down after a 24-year tenure with which team?

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In response to escalating attacks on commercial vessels, which country joined the United States in launching air strikes on Houthi military positions in Yemen?

The United Kingdom joined the United States in a joint military intervention against the Houthis in Yemen. The Houthis have been escalating their attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea, many of which have no links to Israel, despite their vow to target Israeli-linked ships.

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Which country, drawing parallels to its own history of apartheid, brought a case of genocide against Israel to the United Nations' top court?

South Africa presented evidence claiming that the latest Gaza war is part of a long history of Israeli oppression of Palestinians. Israel, however, insists it is following international law and blames Hamas for operating in residential areas, leading to a high death toll.

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What deceptive tactic did ESPN employ to secure over 30 Emmys for its on-air talent who were originally ineligible to receive them?

ESPN managed to secure over 30 Emmys, which were ineligible to on-air hosts, by inserting fake names into the Emmy entries. They won the awards under these pseudonyms, re-engraved them, and then presented them to the on-air personalities.

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The United States has recently grown by a million square kilometers, equivalent to nearly 60% of Alaska's land mass. What unorthodox method did the State Department use to achieve this expansion?

The U.S. State Department has expanded the country's geography by defining the extent of the continental shelf under the sea according to international law. The declaration gives the U.S. federal government control over the seafloor and any valuable resources therein.