Iowa caucus participants signing in

Samantha Laurey / Argus Leader

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What were the results of the Iowa caucuses?

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Which candidate, representing the party that has governed the island for the past eight years, was elected the new president of Taiwan for the first time?

Lai Ching-te, a pro-sovereignty candidate, was elected as the president of Taiwan, a development that has upset China. This election marks an unprecedented third consecutive presidential term for Lai's party, the Democratic Progressive Party.

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Which television shows won best drama and best comedy at the 75th annual Emmy Awards?

"Succession" led all TV shows at the 75th annual Primetime Emmy Awards with a total of 27 nominations. In addition to best drama, "Succession" actors Kieran Culkin and Sara Snook won lead actor and lead actress, respectively. The ceremony was initially set for Sept. 18, 2023 but was rescheduled due to the writers' and actors' strike. Anthony Anderson was the host.

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Partially powered by Taylor Swift's attendance, which event over the weekend set a new record as the most streamed live event in U.S. history?

The playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins was exclusively streamed on Peacock, a streaming service by NBC. It averaged 23 million viewers, which is the highest for any live event in the U.S. The game accounted for 30% of all Internet traffic while it was streamed. Taylor Swift, who is dating Chiefs player Travis Kelce, was in attendance.

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Which tech giant recently surpassed Apple to become the world's most valuable public company?

Microsoft's market value has surged past Apple's, reaching $2.89 trillion. This is largely due to Microsoft's strategic focus on generative artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Apple's sales growth has slowed, and the company faces challenges in China.