Special counsel Robert K. Hur

Michael Mccoy/Reuters

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In the investigation into President Biden's handling of classified material, what conclusion did Special Counsel Robert K. Hur reach regarding criminal charges?

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Which former Brazilian president is under investigation for allegedly masterminding a conspiracy to hold onto power after losing the 2022 election?

Former President Jair Bolsonaro is accused of orchestrating a conspiracy to undermine the results of the 2022 election and potentially stage a coup in Brazil. This involved spreading disinformation about voter fraud, drafting legal arguments for new elections, and recruiting military personnel. Bolsonaro has been ruled ineligible to run for office until 2030.

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In a significant military shakeup, President Zelensky of Ukraine has dismissed which key figure?

General Valerii Zaluzhnyi was dismissed by President Zelensky amidst tensions between the two and challenges faced by Ukraine, including a renewed Russian onslaught and manpower and ammunition shortages. This has been the biggest military shakeup since the start of Russia's invasion nearly two years ago.

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Based on the skepticism shown by the Supreme Court justices, what is likely to be the outcome of the challenge to former President Trump's eligibility to run for office again?

The Supreme Court justices voiced skepticism about the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling that Trump's actions to undermine the 2020 election made him ineligible to run for office. The decision of the Supreme Court will have a significant impact on whether Trump can participate in the Colorado primary ballot and the general election.

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In a move to curb election disinformation and consumer fraud, who has banned unwanted robocalls generated by AI?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has outlawed unwanted robocalls generated by artificial intelligence (AI) as a measure against election disinformation and consumer fraud. The FCC cited a three-decade-old law aimed at curbing junk phone calls to clarify that AI-generated spam calls are also illegal.