The remains of a building in Rafah

Fatima Shbair/Associated Press

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What did the Israeli military do in order to free two hostages held by Hamas yesterday?

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Who stood with President Biden to express concerns about the planned Israeli invasion of southern Gaza, marking the first time the president has publicly aligned with an Arab leader since the Israel-Gaza war began?

President Biden and King Abdullah II of Jordan expressed shared concerns about a planned Israeli invasion of Rafah, in southern Gaza. King Abdullah warned of a potential humanitarian catastrophe, while Biden emphasized the need for a credible plan to ensure the safety of the people in Rafah.

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In a pivotal move in Donald Trump's Georgia criminal case, which public figure might potentially have to testify under oath regarding their romantic relationship with a special prosecutor?

The judge in Trump's criminal case in Georgia decided to hold a hearing to determine if District Attorney Fani Willis and the prosecution team should be disqualified due to their romantic relationship. The allegations, brought up by a former Trump campaign official, claim that Willis and Wade had been romantically involved for years and financially benefited from their decisions in the case.

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A woman with an AR-style rifle opened fire at this location over the weekend, before being killed by two off-duty officers.

The incident took place at Lakewood Church in Houston, led by celebrity pastor Joel Osteen. The shooter, Genesse Ivonne Moreno, critically injured their 7-year-old son with an AR-style rifle. Texas does not require a license to carry a handgun or rifle.

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Ahead of the Super Bowl, President Biden called on companies to stop this practice, where they provide less product without lowering the cost.

Shrinkflation is a cost-saving tactic that companies often use during periods of inflationary pressure. President Biden is urging companies to cease this practice as it can negatively impact family budgets.