A voter in the South Carolina primary

AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

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The primaries in which state, home state of Nikki Haley, were won by Donald Trump and Joe Biden this past weekend?

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Which influential group has decided to stop financial support for Nikki Haley following her South Carolina defeat?

The Koch Network, specifically Americans for Prosperity Action, has paused its financial backing for Nikki Haley's presidential campaign, although it continues to endorse her verbally. Haley plans to remain in the race through Super Tuesday.

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In a shocking act of protest, an active-duty U.S. Air Force member lit himself on fire outside of which embassy in Washington, D.C.?

The U.S. Air Force member set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy as a form of protest of Israel’s siege on Gaza and the US funding of it. The man shouted "free Palestine" after igniting himself. The incident was managed by the U.S. Secret Service and Metropolitan Police Department, and no embassy staff were harmed.

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What practice is Duke coach Jon Scheyer advocating to ban in basketball games, following an incident where star player Kyle Filipowski was injured?

Court storming is a celebratory practice where fans rush onto the court after a victory. Following Duke's upset loss to Wake Forest, fans stormed the court and Duke player Kyle Flipkowski, a projected top-ten pick in the NBA draft, was injured. This follows another court storming where star Iowa player Caitlin Clark collided with a fan.

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Which drug, primarily used to treat allergic asthma and hives, has been shown to significantly decrease the risk of severe reactions in children with food allergies after accidental exposure to allergens?

Xolair, typically used to treat allergic asthma and hives, is the first treatment to significantly cut the risk of serious reactions in children who have been exposed to food allergens. It's important to note, however, that while Xolair can help manage severe reactions, it is not a cure for allergies.