Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Doug Mills/The New York Times

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In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court reinstated Donald Trump on Colorado's primary ballot. What reason did they cite?

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Today is Super Tuesday. What's the significance of Super Tuesday in the presidential primaries?

Super Tuesday is a significant day in the U.S. presidential primary race when 16 states and one territory vote simultaneously, offering the most delegates in the nominating calendar.

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A cyberattack on this little-known company, which processes 50% of all medical claims in the country, has sent shockwaves through the healthcare system, with thousands of healthcare providers unable to get paid.

Change Healthcare, which is owned by UnitedHealth Group, processes 15 billion claims annually, amounting to over $1.5 trillion. The attack disrupted these processes, causing hospitals to struggle with billing patients and receiving payments, and patients to face issues with insurance coverage for treatments. Some hospitals have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in weekly billings.

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Which film has had the biggest opening weekend at the box office in 2024?

"Dune: Part Two" has made a significant impact on the international box office, generating $97 million from 71 overseas markets. This, combined with the $81.5 million from North American theaters, brings its global tally to $178.5 million.

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Following a complaint by Spotify in 2019, which tech company was slapped with a $2 billion fine by the European Commission for abusing its market position?

The European Commission's decision comes in response to a legal complaint filed by Spotify in 2019, accusing Apple of abusing its dominant market position by restricting music streaming companies from informing users about cheaper subscription offers outside of the app. This has led to higher prices for iOS users.