Palestinians wait in a hospital in Gaza

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What massacre occurred yesterday in Gaza, complicating ceasefire talks?

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In his state of the nation address yesterday, which action by NATO countries did Vladimir Putin say could trigger a nuclear response from Russia?

Putin's threats came in response to Emmanuel Macron saying he does not rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine. Putin sees this as a threat to Russia's territorial integrity, and mentioned Russia's advanced hypersonic nuclear-capable weapons, hinting at the country's readiness to use them if necessary.

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This week, which state became the third to knock Donald Trump off of its GOP primary ballot?

A judge in Illinois followed rulings in Colorado and Maine, citing the "insurrection clause" of the 14th Amendment. This clause prohibits those who engaged in insurrection from holding office. The decision is pending appeal in higher state courts.

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In his recent physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which aspect of President Biden's health was not evaluated, despite ongoing public concerns?

Despite ongoing public concerns about President Biden's age and cognitive abilities, his physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center did not include a cognitive test. The White House stated that Biden's doctors determined he did not need this exam. Biden's medical reports from previous years also did not include evaluations of his memory or cognition.

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Last year, despite sailing through multiple checkpoints in the food-safety system, what food was responsible for the lead poisoning of hundreds of American children?

The lead-contaminated applesauce, consumed by children in 44 states, passed through various stages of the food-safety system undetected. The contamination was likely from cinnamon ground in Ecuador, where lead powder may have been added to bulk up or color the spice. The FDA recalled three million pouches.