A voting site for the Michigan primaries

Emily Elconin / New York Times

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Joe Biden won Michigan's Democratic primary. What candidate option received the second most votes, about 13%?

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Following this week's approval by Hungary's parliament, which country has been accepted as the 32nd member of NATO?

Sweden's admission to NATO was finalized by Hungary's Parliament after a 19-month delay initiated by Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orban. In exchange, Sweden agreed to provide multiple Swedish-made jets and open an A.I. research center in Hungary.

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After a decade of work and billions of dollars spent, what secret project did Apple decide to cancel?

Apple's self-driving electric car project was a significant investment for the company, spanning over a decade. Many members of the team are expected to be shifted to Apple's artificial intelligence organization.

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Although he skipped the traditional pre-Super Bowl presidential interview, on which late-night talk show did President Biden appear this week?

President Biden joked about concerns about his age during his appearance on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'. Some have argued that his age brings wisdom and experience, while others worry about potential health issues and a hampered ability to campaign.

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What new pricing strategy did Wendy's announce they will be testing in 2025?

Wendy's is planning to introduce a dynamic pricing model, also known as surge pricing, by 2025. This strategy will allow the prices of menu items to rise and fall based on demand. For example, items could be more expensive during the lunch rush in a major city. Wendy's chief executive announced the plan during a February earnings call.