The steps of the US Supreme Court

Kenny Holston/The New York Times

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Which 2021 state laws are being challenged by social media industry groups in the Supreme Court, arguing they infringe on the First Amendment?

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Where will Donald Trump and Joe Biden both be visiting on Thursday?

Biden will go to Brownsville, TX, to meet with Border Patrol, law enforcement, and local officials. Trump is expected to deliver remarks at Eagle Pass, TX.

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Which U.S. supermarket chains' $24.6 billion proposed merger is being challenged by the Federal Trade Commission over fears of raised grocery prices and lower worker wages?

The FTC has filed a lawsuit to stop Kroger's $24.6 billion acquisition of Albertsons, arguing it would lead to increased grocery prices and lower wages for workers.

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Which major city is grappling with a water crisis so severe that many taps could run dry within months?

This crisis is due to a combination of climate change, over-extraction of underground aquifers, and deteriorating infrastructure. Nearly 90% of Mexico City is in a state of severe drought. Around 60% of the city's water comes from its underground aquifer, which is being over-extracted, and there have been years of high temperatures and abnormally low rainfaill.

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The current chairperson of the Republican National Committee announced they are stepping down. Who is it?

Ronna McDaniel, the current chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, has announced her resignation. Donald Trump has shown his support for Michael Whatley, the North Carolina Republican Party chairman, as her potential successor.