Nikki Haley

Melina Mara/The Washington Post

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What significant decision did Nikki Haley recently make in the Republican presidential race?

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In Tuesday's elections, what policy shift did San Francisco voters approve, signaling a change in the city's traditionally liberal stance?

These moves are seen as a shift from the left, reflecting the city's growing concern over ongoing issues of drug abuse, homelessness, and crime. The measures were proposed by Mayor London Breed, a moderate Democrat.

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According to BBC, what tactic have some Trump supporters been employing to encourage African Americans to vote Republican?

This tactic involves creating and sharing AI-generated fake images of black voters purportedly supporting Trump. However, there is no evidence directly linking them to Trump's campaign itself. These fake images are part of a broader disinformation trend observed in the run-up to the US presidential elections.

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Which private evangelical university is facing a $14 million fine for violating the Clery Act by failing to disclose some on-campus sexual assault crimes?

Liberty University has been fined $14 million for violating the Clery Act, a federal statute requiring colleges and universities to disclose information about crimes on their campuses. This fine is the largest ever levied under this act. The university's police department was found to have minimal oversight and had misclassified or underreported crimes.

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Which Caribbean nation's de facto Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, is currently stranded abroad due to escalating gang violence, with threats of a 'civil war' looming over the country?

Prime Minister Ariel Henry of Haiti is unable to return from Puerto Rico due to gang violence surrounding the main airport in Port-au-Prince. Gangs have attacked several government sites leading to a state of emergency. Gang leader Jimmy 'Barbeque' Chérizier has issued a warning of a potential civil war if Henry does not resign.