A royal photo from 2023 Christmas

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Which royal figure became the center of controversy when a photo intended to show her recovery from surgery was withdrawn due to manipulation?

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Despite widespread protests, which country is implementing a law that accelerates citizenship for religious minorities from neighboring countries, but excludes Muslims?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has implemented a citizenship law that fast-tracks naturalization for certain religious groups, excluding Muslims. The law, approved by the Indian Parliament in 2019, has been criticized for being discriminatory and undermining India's secular foundation.

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Despite public opposition from this political figure, the House is moving forward with a bill that could ban TikTok in the U.S.

This bill is being advanced due to concerns about national security threats posed by the app. Former President Donald Trump, who previously tried to ban TikTok during his presidency, is now against this bill, arguing that it would benefit Facebook.

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Which recent action by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin aims to ensure a fairer admission process at public universities in the state?

Legacy admissions are a practice where universities give preferential treatment to applicants with family ties to alumni or donors. The Virginia ban will impact selective public institutions like the University of Virginia and William & Mary. Virginia is the second state to ban legacy admissions, following Colorado.

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Which Caribbean nation declared a state of emergency following an attack by heavily armed gangs on its main international airport and a massive prison break?

The situation in Haiti escalated when armed gangs attempted to seize control of the country's main international airport. This was part of a wider surge in violence that included a mass escape from Haiti's two largest prisons. The government responded by declaring a 72-hour state of emergency, and the U.S. is supplying funds.