Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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Yesterday, Donald Trump and Joe Biden both secured enough delegates to clinch their party's nomination, setting up the first presidential rematch in nearly 70 years. What was last rematch?

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Which athlete, anticipated to lead the New York Jets this fall, has been approached by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be his running mate on an independent presidential ticket?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has approached Aaron Rodgers to potentially serve as his running mate on an independent presidential ticket. RFK's ticket has been particularly concerning amongst Democrats, who feel he may swing some of their base.

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What strategy is the Pentagon using to provide aid to Ukraine, despite being overdrawn by $10 billion?

The Pentagon is providing $300m in weapons to Ukraine, even though it is currently overdrawn by $10bn. This is being achieved by finding cost savings in its contracts. The aid includes items like anti-aircraft missiles, artillery rounds, and armor systems.

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What happened to John Barnett, a former quality manager and whistleblower at Boeing, after he accused the company of retaliation for his safety concerns?

John Barnett had filed a complaint under the AIR21 Whistleblower Protection Program, which safeguards employees who report safety violations. He was in Charleston for a deposition related to a lawsuit against Boeing when he tragically took his own life.

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A judge has blocked a rule that would have made which type of business responsible for the working conditions of workers not directly hired by them?

The decision last Friday blocked a rule set to go into effect this week that would have made big franchisers, like McDonald's, responsible for the working conditions of workers they have not directly hired. This standard is supported by business groups who argue that franchisers should not be held accountable for the working conditions of franchisee employees.