Attorney General Merrick Garland

AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana

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Which accusation has the Department of Justice leveled against Apple, suggesting that the tech giant has demonstrated monopolistic behavior?

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At minimum, what action does Congress need to take by midnight tonight to stave off another partial government shutdown?

Congress is required to pass six appropriations bills before the weekend to avoid another partial government shutdown. House Republicans have had difficulties passing these bills due to demands from hard-right members. Negotiations have been impacted by disagreements over the Department of Homeland Security's budget.

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In a major medical milestone, physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital have successfully performed a kidney transplant into a living human from what animal?

It was a genetically-modified kidney from a pig. The 62-year-old patient is suffering from end-stage renal disease, but is recovering well after the surgery. Transplants involving animal organs, or xenotransplantation, have been explored as a solution to the chronic shortage of human organs for transplantation.

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Which chip manufacturer, founded in 1968, is set to receive a $8.5 billion grant from the Biden administration to expand its semiconductor production in the United States?

This move is part of the $39 billion CHIPS and Science Act. The Act is aimed at strengthening the domestic semiconductor industry and reducing the U.S.'s reliance on technology produced in East Asia. The White House aims to accelerate semiconductor investments and prepare a workforce for chip manufacturing in states like Arizona and Texas.

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Which of the following reasons led to the firing of Shohei Ohtani's longtime interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, by the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Mizuhara was accused of using Ohtani's money to place bets with an illegal bookmaker. He initially claimed that Ohtani aided him by transferring funds to cover gambling debts, but this claim was refuted by Ohtani's representatives.