Migrants crossing the southern Texas border

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Which U.S. state's stringent immigration law, known as S.B. 4, has been permitted by the Supreme Court, making illegal border crossing a state crime for migrants?

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What crime by Peter Navarro, a former trade adviser to Donald Trump, led to his four-month prison sentence?

Peter Navarro, a former trade adviser to Donald Trump, was sentenced for refusing to cooperate with the House January 6 committee. Navarro claimed he could not testify due to executive privilege, a claim that was rejected by the US Supreme Court.

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Which political entity recently passed a new national security law to strengthen its ability to control dissent, a move seen by critics as a further erosion of the civil liberties promised by Beijing?

The new national security law in Hong Kong is seen as a way to control dissent and is feared to erode the civil liberties promised when the city returned to Chinese rule in 1997. The law targets espionage, leaking state secrets, colluding with external forces, and damaging public infrastructure, with severe penalties, including life imprisonment.

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This New York official has denied an accusation that they sexually assaulted a colleague in 1993 during their time on the police force.

The lawsuit against Mayor Eric Adams was filed under the New York Supreme Court and the state's Adult Survivors Act. The woman alleges that Adams requested sexual favors in exchange for career help, which he strongly denies, stating he never met her during his time in the NYPD.

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Former President Trump is pursuing a lawsuit for defamation against ABC News and this broadcast journalist, following remarks made during an interview with Rep. Nancy Mace.

The lawsuit comes after George Stephanopoulos, a journalist for ABC News, reportedly said that Trump was 'liable for rape' during an interview with Rep. Nancy Mace.