The Starship rocket launching on its third test flight


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What milestone was achieved by SpaceX’s Starship rocket yesterday?

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While on a visit to Minneapolis yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris become the first sitting president or vice president to visit what type of facility?

Vice President Kamala Harris's visit to an abortion clinic in Minneapolis is a significant move, marking the first time a president or vice president has made such a visit. Minnesota, has been a refuge for abortion seekers since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

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In an attempt to reshape the American workweek, Bernie Sanders has proposed new legislation that would do what?

The legislation introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders aims to reduce the standard workweek to 32 hours, without reducing pay. The current standard workweek of 40 hours has been in place since 1940.

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What compromise did the prosecutors offer to Donald Trump's legal team in response to their delay request in his Manhattan hush money case?

With less than two weeks before the trial is due to start, the prosecutors offered a 30-day postponement. This was in response to Trump's legal team's request for a 90-day delay to review tens of thousands of pages of new records related to hush-money payments. The Manhattan case has been on track for trial before Election Day.

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Which U.S. official expressed a need for change in Israel's leadership, citing Prime Minister Netanyahu as a hindrance to peace?

Senator Chuck Schumer made a speech on the Senate floor, criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urging a change in Israel's leadership. Schumer's critique is considered the most severe from a senior U.S. official.