Protesters of the TikTok bill

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

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Following concerns about China's influence on the app, what ultimatum has the bill passed by House of Representatives given to TikTok's parent company, ByteDance?

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In the Georgia election interference case, what recent ruling was made by an Atlanta judge regarding the outcome for Donald Trump and his allies?

The judge's ruling resulted in six charges being quashed against Trump and his allies, but it did not lead to a complete acquittal. The rest of the case, including a racketeering charge, remained unaffected. The ruling was not associated with any defense effort to disqualify the district attorney leading the case, but a ruling on that is expected this week as well.

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Riddled with declining sales, which budget-friendly retail chain is closing nearly 1,000 stores?

Family Dollar, a subsidiary of Dollar Tree, has been grappling with operational difficulties and financial pressure for some time. The company cited inflation, theft, and reduced government benefits as contributing factors to the decision to close stores. It was also fined previously for distributing products from a rat-infested warehouse, further tarnishing its reputation.

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Which sport, recently sanctioned in several states including Kentucky, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, is the fastest-growing high school sport in the U.S?

Girls' wrestling has seen a significant increase in the number of states sanctioning the sport and in participation. Pennsylvania, for example, went from having no high school girls' wrestling teams in 2020 to over 180 teams in 2021. It's also on track to become a championship-level sport at the collegiate level in 2026.

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After a public outcry that firearms from buyback programs, which are meant to reduce civilian-owned guns, were actually being resold online, what action has Michigan decided to take?

Michigan has decided to destroy firearms from buyback programs at a scrap metal site. This decision comes after public outrage when it was revealed that these firearms were not being destroyed as promised but instead sold online as parts.