Special prosecutor in the Georgia racketeering case

AP Photo/Alex Slitz

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Who stepped down in the Fulton County racketeering case against Donald Trump due to an appearance of impropriety?

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Which of the following best describes Vladimir Putin's reelection in Russia's elections this past weekend?

President Putin's victory in the recent Russian election has been described as a stage-managed event. The election saw him securing a third full decade of rule.

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In the men's and women's NCAA tournament brackets revealed yesterday, which teams earned the No. 1 overall seeds?

UConn, Houston, Purdue, and North Carolina earned No. 1 seeds in the NCAA men's tournament, with UConn securing the top overall seed. On the women's side, South Carolina claimed the top overall seed after winning the SEC tournament. The other No. 1 seeds in the women's bracket are Iowa, USC, and Texas.

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Which high-profile journalist, formerly on CNN, had his upcoming talk show on the social media platform X canceled following a contentious interview with Elon Musk?

Don Lemon's upcoming talk show on X was abruptly canceled by Elon Musk. This decision followed a tense interview where Lemon asked probing questions about topics such as the U.S. presidential elections, Musk's reported drug use, and his various business ventures.

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Given its concerns about misinformation by AI, what safeguard is Google implementing with its Gemini chatbot?

Google has decided to restrict its AI-based chatbot, Gemini, from answering questions directly related to elections worldwide. These restrictions have already been implemented in the U.S. and India, where elections are currently taking place, and will be extended globally throughout 2024.