Cancer screening in young people

The Telegraph

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While the incidence of this type of cancer is declining in people over 65, it's rapidly rising among individuals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

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Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Al Gore's running mate in the 2000 election, passed away at the age of 82 yesterday. Which of the following was true about his professional career?

Joseph I. Lieberman was a significant figure in U.S. politics, notably for being the first Jewish candidate on a major-party ticket. He was Al Gore's running mate in the 2000 election. Lieberman was also known for his centrist views and support for national security and health care legislation.

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In an effort to alleviate traffic and fund public transit improvements, New York City has approved a congestion pricing program. What measure does this program implement?

As a part of the congestion pricing program, New York City has approved a $15 toll for vehicles driving into Manhattan. This program, expected to start in June, aims to reduce the number of vehicles entering Lower Manhattan by 17% and raise $1 billion annually for public transit improvements.

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Which entertainment giant has recently ended a legal dispute with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, dropping its lawsuits and negotiating a new development deal?

The legal battle between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis began after Disney's CEO spoke against Florida's “Don’t Say Gay.” bill, and DeSantis asked the legislature to remove Disney's special tax status.

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Which development issue, involving environmentalism, tribal sovereignty, and U.S.-Canada relations, is being closely contested in Michigan and Wisconsin?

The Line 5 pipeline begins in Wisconsin, crosses Michigan and tribal lands, and ends in Canada. It transports 540,000 barrels of crude oil and natural gas liquids per day. Supporters of the pipeline see potential for job creation, while opponents worry about the risk of spills due to damage. In 2010, it caused one of the largest inland spills in U.S. history.