A memorial for victims of the concert hall terrorist attack in Russia

Nanna Heitmann for The New York Times

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According to US intelligence, who is responsible for the terrorist attack at a concert hall near Moscow that killed over 130 people?

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What major announcement did Princess Catherine of Wales make on Friday?

Princess Catherine of Wales, commonly known as Kate, announced that she was diagnosed with cancer. It was discovered when she underwent abdominal surgery late last year. The type of cancer has not been disclosed, and she has started chemotherapy.

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What was achieved with the approval of a $1.2 trillion spending package by Congress this past weekend?

The $1.2 trillion spending package, signed by Biden over the weekend, has averted a potential government shutdown, by ensuring funding for the majority of the federal government for the next six months. If the bill had failed, Congress might have had to resort to a stopgap resolution, which could have triggered cuts to defense spending.

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After stepping down as the head of the RNC, who is set to join NBC News as a contributor?

Ronna McDaniel, after stepping down from her position as the head of the RNC, is joining NBC News as a contributor. She's expected to be featured in election coverage on NBC and MSNBC. Her recent disagreements with former President Trump have made headlines, particularly as Trump is expected to be the party's nominee for president.

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What upcoming business transaction is expected to increase Donald Trump's net worth by $3 billion?

The merger between the Trump Media & Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) has been approved by DWAC's shareholders, which will take Truth Social public. Trump would possess nearly 80 million shares in the merged company. However, he is barred from selling these shares for at least six months.