Protesters in Tel Aviv

Maya Alleruzzo/Associated Press

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Thousands of protesters demonstrated in Tel Aviv this weekend. What were they demanding?

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Why did religious conservatives criticize President Biden's Easter proclamation?

President Biden's Easter proclamation, which also honored transgender Americans, was met with criticism from top Republicans, including former President Trump, Speaker Mike Johnson, and Sen. Tim Scott. They deemed the proclamation as 'blasphemous' and disrespectful to Christians.

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Which Wall Street Journal reporter has been detained in Russia on spying allegations for over a year?

Gershkovich's detention is the first of an American journalist on espionage charges in Russia since the Cold War. Despite having official press accreditation, the Russian government accused him of trying to obtain state secrets, an allegation that both Gershkovich and the Journal vehemently deny. Despite the harsh conditions, Gershkovich continues to write while awaiting trial.

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Which artist's newest album, 'Cowboy Carter', was released on Friday, and features cameos from Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson?

Beyoncé's new album, 'Cowboy Carter,' showcases a variety of genres, including country and pop. It includes a Beatles cover and features cameos from artists like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. The album also includes collaborations with Miley Cyrus and Post Malone.

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Who has filed a motion to vacate Speaker Mike Johnson, but has held off on taking further steps?

The political predicament for Speaker Mike Johnson arises from the handling of Ukraine aid, which has caused divisions within his own party. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed a motion to vacate Johnson, a move that could potentially oust him from his position, but has not yet taken further steps.