Famous football player in court

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Known for his football career and a high-profile trial, who passed away of cancer recently in Las Vegas?

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In which Southeast Asian country was property magnate Truong My Lan shockingly sentenced to death in the country’s largest fraud case?

Truong My Lan, a property tycoon in Vietnam, was sentenced to death following her conviction on charges including embezzlement and bribery. Lan was found to have controlled over 90% of Saigon Joint Stock Commercial Bank's lending through proxies, taking out unlawful loans worth $44 billion for her real estate firm.

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Titled 'Patriot,' the memoir for which figure in Russian politics will be released this fall?

Aleksei Navalny wrote 'Patriot' during his time in prison. The memoir, set to be published in October, chronicles Navalny's life, his fight against dictatorship, and includes never-before-seen correspondence from his time in incarceration.

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The global vaccine stockpile for this condition has run dry, causing outbreaks in over 15 countries.

It was recommended that the cholera vaccine be administered in one dose instead of the usual two in order to conserve the depleting global supply. This decision was made amidst the ongoing cholera outbreaks and a severe vaccine shortage. By the end of February, countries had reported 79,300 cases and 1,100 deaths from cholera.

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In a shift from recent trends, Harvard and CalTech have decided to reinstate what requirement for students applying for the Fall 2025 semester?

Harvard and CalTech are moving away from their test-optional policies and will require either SAT or ACT scores from applicants for the Fall 2025 semester. This represents a shift from recent trends in college admissions, where many institutions had moved towards holistic review processes that didn't heavily rely on standardized testing.