2024 Men's National Championship

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Who won the men's NCAA national championship last night?

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In a recent declaration approved by Pope Francis, what practices did the Vatican equate with abortion and euthanasia, calling them grave violations of human dignity?

The Vatican's doctrine office released a document titled 'Infinite Dignity,' which was approved by Pope Francis. It declared that gender-affirming surgeries and surrogacy are grave violations of human dignity, equating them with abortion and euthanasia. The document also rejects 'gender theory.'

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Which of the following best describes the new proposals for student loan forgiveness announced by President Biden yesterday?

The new proposals by President Biden aim to target the accrued and capitalized interest on student loans. his move is in response to the fact that many who used federal student loans now owe more than initially borrowed due to interest rate charges. It may face legal challenges, as previous attempts at loan forgiveness have been struck down by the Supreme Court.

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What stance did Donald Trump take regarding who should decide on abortion laws?

Donald Trump has stated that he believes abortion legislation should be determined by individual states, not at a federal level. This stance has been met with criticism from anti-abortion rights organizations, Republican figures, and former Vice President Mike Pence. Trump's position is that states should decide on abortion laws by vote or legislation, allowing the will of the people to prevail.

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According to a New York Times investigation, what unscrupulous strategy is the private-equity-backed analytics company MultiPlan using to generate billions in fees for itself and its health insurance partners?

When patients see an out-of-network provider, insurers and self-insured employers use MultiPlan for a recommendation on how much to pay the provider. MultiPlan often recommends lower amounts because they get a cut of these "savings." Meanwhile, the difference in payment absorbed by the patient.