Watchers of the 2017 eclipse

Andrea Morales for The New York Times

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In astronomical terms, what is the alignment of celestial bodies during a total solar eclipse, like the one visible today in North America?

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Which women's college basketball team won its third national championship since 2017 and completed a perfect 38-0 season?

The University of South Carolina women's basketball team, led by coach Dawn Staley, completed a perfect season by securing their third national championship since 2017. This victory was particularly significant as it was a revenge match against Iowa, who had beaten them in a national semifinal the previous year.

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Which of the following is true of the fundraising dinner hosted by Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida?

The fundraising event managed to raise a reported $50 million. This amount is double the funds raised by President Biden at a similar event. The dinner was a private fundraiser, with attendees contributing between $250,000 and $814,600 per person. Most of the funds raised are set to go to the Republican National Committee and state Republican parties.

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What major action has the Israeli military recently taken in southern Gaza?

The Israeli military has withdrawn its ground forces from Khan Younis after months of fighting. The troops left in Gaza are preparing for follow-up missions, including in Rafah.

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Shant Soghomonian was apprehended for allegedly causing an arson attack on whose political office in Burlington, Vermont?

Shant Soghomonian was arrested after a security video igniting the campaign office door. The fire damaged the outside of the door and surrounding areas, causing sprinklers to discharge on multiple floors. No injuries were reported despite multiple employees being present at the time.