Biden talks to Netanyahu

From The White House

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On a call with Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday, what message did Joe Biden convey regarding the ongoing crisis in Gaza?

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In Donald Trump's classified documents case, Judge Aileen M. Cannon clarified the scope of the Presidential Records Act. What did she assert?

Judge Cannon ruled that the Presidential Records Act (PRA) does not protect a president from prosecution for mishandling classified documents. This ruling was made in response to Donald Trump's claim that the PRA shielded him from such charges. Trump is currently facing 32 counts of violating the Espionage Act and has pleaded not guilty.

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In the racketeering case against Donald Trump and 14 others in Georgia, what argument, denied by the judge, did the defendants use in an attempt to dismiss the case?

The defendants argued that the charges against them violated the First Amendment's protections of political speech and the right to petition Congress. However, the judge ruled that the speech in question was 'alleged to have been made in furtherance of criminal activity,' thus, these protections do not apply.

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Which organization, which had been pursuing a “unity ticket,” decided against nominating a third-party candidate for the 2024 presidential election?

No Labels had been pursuing a more centrist ticket. However, potential candidates such as Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and Nikki Haley announced they were not interested in running.

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Rejoyn was recently approved by the FDA as a treatment for major depression, providing cognitive behavioral therapy and personalized reminders. What is it?

The FDA has granted approval for a mobile app called Rejoyn to assist in the treatment of major depression. The app is not a standalone treatment but is used in conjunction with traditional treatment methods.