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Which state's Supreme Court concluded that the right to privacy does not safeguard against restrictions on abortion, enabling a six-week abortion ban to go into effect?

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Which country is Iran accusing of conducting an airstrike that killed seven top Iranian military commanders at their consulate in Syria?

Iran has accused Israel of carrying out an airstrike on their consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing seven top Iranian military commanders. This incident has caused significant tension between the two nations, with Iran and Syria warning of potential retaliation.

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Which former Trump campaign press secretary will be a key witness in his hush money payments trial?

Hope Hicks, a former aide to Donald Trump, is expected to testify in the criminal trial against the former president. Hicks was Trump's campaign press secretary at the time and previously claimed to be unaware of the alleged payments. However, FBI documents suggest she was involved in negotiations to prevent Stormy Daniels from going public.

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Which event led to extensive closures, including Highway 1 and several state parks, in California's Big Sur coast area?

A significant portion of the roadway on California's Big Sur coast collapsed into the ocean after a cliff gave way. This led to the closure of Highway 1 and several state parks in the area. Essential travelers are being led by convoy through the closed area, and it's unclear when the region will reopen to the public.

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After previously decriminalizing small amounts of hard drugs, Governor Tina Kotek reintroduced criminal penalties in this state, following a rise in overdose deaths.

Governor Tina Kotek of Oregon signed the measure in response to a surge in overdose deaths and growing disorder in Portland. The decision to reimpose criminal penalties for drug possession came after a failed attempt to decriminalize hard drugs in the state. Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland supported the reversal and is actively working to restore order in the city.