Caitlin Clark shoots over Angel Reese

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY

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Led by Cailtlin Clark and Angel Reese, which Elite Eight game became most-watched women's college basketball game in history?

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How did Donald Trump delay the payment of the $454 million judgment in his civil fraud case?

Donald Trump managed to delay the payment of a hefty $454 million judgment in his civil fraud case by securing a bond while his appeal is in progress. The bond, which was reduced to $175 million, temporarily prevents New York's attorney general from collecting the judgment until the appeal is resolved. The bond was secured from Knight Specialty Insurance Company.

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Which two world leaders recently reopened lines of communication, discussing trade tactics, artificial intelligence, and the status of TikTok?

The recent conversation between President Biden and Xi Jinping was characterized as 'candid and constructive' by the White House. They discussed a range of subjects, including Taiwan, trade tactics, artificial intelligence, and even the status of TikTok.

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Whose attempt to dismiss a felony tax indictment, which involved tax evasion and late payments, was denied? His trial will be in June.

Hunter Biden had his attempt to dismiss a felony tax indictment denied. Biden has pleaded not guilty to all nine charges, which involve allegations of repeatedly failing to file and pay taxes on time and participating in an illegal tax-evasion scheme.

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Which browser's 'incognito' mode was recently found to be less than private, leading to a billion-dollar settlement and changes in data collection?

Google recently agreed to a billion-dollar settlement over a lawsuit concerning its 'Incognito' mode in the Chrome browser. The lawsuit claimed that Google had misled users by tracking their online activity even when browsing in Incognito mode. They also agreed to delete billions of data records collected in this mode.