Rockets above Jerusalem

AFPTV/AFP via Getty Images

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What event is suspected to have triggered Iran’s recent attacks on Israel?

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Based on President Biden's recent discussions with Prime Minister Netanyahu, how has the US decided to respond to Iran's missile and drone attacks on Israel?

President Biden has assured Prime Minister Netanyahu that the US will not participate in any offensive action against Iran, despite the latter's missile and drone attacks on Israel. The US has framed Israel's successful interception of these attacks as a significant victory, and they've assessed that there was no major damage within Israel.

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In the context of the 2024 presidential campaign, which action have twelve news organizations collectively taken in relation to the Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

Twelve news organizations have urged Joe Biden and Donald Trump to commit to participating in presidential debates for the 2024 campaign. While Trump has shown willingness, Biden's commitment remains uncertain.

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Which golfer made a record-breaking 24th consecutive cut at the Masters, leading to the highest viewership in nearly a decade?

After a delay on the first day, Tiger Woods complete 23 holes in one day at the Masters, marking his 24th consecutive cut. However, he ended +16, one of the worst finishes in his career. Scottie Scheffler won the tournament for the second time in three years.

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Which of the following best describes the recent trend in homicide rates across American cities?

Homicide rates in American cities have significantly declined, following an increase during the pandemic. This decrease has been attributed to increased police engagement, the hiring of more officers, and community-based crime prevention programs. Despite some cities reporting a rise in homicides, the overall trend indicates a substantial decrease.