A funeral procession in Tehran

Arash Khamooshi for The New York Times

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What are Israeli leaders contemplating as a potential response to Iran's ballistic missile attacks?

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What was the outcome of the impeachment articles brought against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by House Republicans?

The Senate dismissed the impeachment articles against Mayorkas, with the majority of votes falling along party lines. This was the first impeachment of a Cabinet secretary in almost 150 years. Mayorkas was targeted due to the high number of border crossings, but a bipartisan border deal he was developing was previously blocked by Senate Republicans.

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In response to allegations of antisemitic incidents on campus, the president of which university testified in a House hearing?

Nemat Shafik, the president of Columbia University testified about a series of antisemitic incidents on campus. These incidents reportedly include assaults, harassment, and vandalism that have occurred since the Hamas attack in Israel on Oct. 7.

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From which news organization did an editor resign after alleging liberal bias and workplace disparagement by CEO Katherine Maher?

Uri Berliner, an editor at NPR, resigned. Berliner had accused the broadcaster of a liberal bias, a claim that led to backlash from colleagues and was denounced by the network's top editor. He felt targeted after an email exchange with Maher concerning workplace integrity.

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According to a recent Supreme Court ruling, who can now pursue job discrimination claims even without a pay cut or demotion?

The Supreme Court's recent ruling allows workers who are forcibly transferred to another job to pursue job discrimination claims under federal civil rights law, even if their pay or rank isn't affected. This is intended to help prevent employers from making job decisions based on race and gender.