Trump in court

Doug Mills/The New York Time

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What pivotal evidence was shared with jurors in the Trump hush money trial yesterday?

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After a years-long case, Google delivered its closing remarks this week for alleged anticompetitive behavior in what market?

The trial in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia is concluding, focusing on Google's dominance in online search and whether it violated antitrust laws. The trial focuses on whether Google paid companies to handle searches unfairly and the potential impact of the judge's ruling on Google's business practices.

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What happened to Joshua Dean, a whistleblower regarding Boeing 737 Max defects?

Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor at Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems, raised concerns about manufacturing defects in the 737 Max. He filed a complaint with the FAA, was fired, hospitalized with breathing issues, and tragically passed away after a short illness.

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What two countries did President Biden criticize for their 'xenophobic' immigration policies, alongside China and Russia, while emphasizing the importance of welcoming immigrants in the United States?

Biden made the comments at an off-camera campaign fundraiser, highlighting the role of immigrants in the U.S. economy. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to clarify that Biden was making a broader point about the U.S. being a nation of immigrants.

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What prompted a recent statement from Biden condemning violent protests on college campuses?

Protests at UCLA turned violent as police clashed with students protestors. The protests have spread to nearly 140 colleges in at least 45 states and six other countries, with demonstrators calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza war and for academic institutions to financially divest from Israel and companies that profit from the conflict.