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Which news outlet's office was raided and ordered to shut down by the Israeli government for being an 'incitement channel'?

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Which prestigious horse race saw an 18-1 shot, Mystik Dan, win by a nose?

Mystik Dan triumphed in the 150th Kentucky Derby with a nail-biting photo finish, marking the closest race since 1947 and the 10th time the Derby has been decided by a nose.

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The feud between which two rappers escalated over the weekend, with the release of diss tracks including 'Push Ups', 'meet the grahams', and 'euphoria'?

Drake and Kendrick Lamar had a heated feud over the weekend, releasing multiple diss tracks targeting each other's personal lives. The feud started with Kendrick Lamar's verse on Future's song "Like That" and escalated with both rappers releasing diss tracks back and forth.

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On Friday, which former aide to Donald Trump broke down during their testimony about Trump’s hush money payments and damage control efforts?

Hope Hicks, a former aide to Donald Trump, became emotional during her testimony in Trump's hush money trial. She revealed behind-the-scenes damage control efforts over allegations of affairs. Hicks testified about payments to Stormy Daniels, Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen, and the Access Hollywood tape that threatened to derail Trump's campaign.

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Described as an effort to support traditional agriculture, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill banning what?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill, S.B. 1084, banning lab-grown meat in the state to support local farmers and ranchers and protect traditional beef production. The bill makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, hold, or distribute lab-grown meat in Florida.