Biden saluting after exiting the plane

Pete Marovich for The New York Times

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According to Democratic strategist David Axelrod, what aspect of President Biden's messaging might be inconsistent with how Americans feel, and hurt his chances of reelection in November?

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What led to the resignations of both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA?

The resignations of Miss Teen USA and Miss USA were due to allegations of workplace toxicity within the Miss USA Organization, causing a ripple effect within the organization. Former Miss USA social media manager Claudia Michelle also resigned and spoke out against the toxic work environment.

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Which company apologized after criticism that their recent tablet ad, depicting an industrial compressor flattening artistic tools, was a metaphor for Big Tech profiting off creative industries?

Apple apologized for an iPad commercial that was perceived as highlighting Big Tech profiting off creative industries. This ad was criticized by designers, actors, and artists, leading Apple to pull it from TV.

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What action did the University of Southern California's academic senate take against President Carol Folt following her decision to cancel the valedictorian's speech and clear an encampment on campus?

The University of Southern California's academic senate voted to censure President Carol Folt for her controversial decisions, including canceling a valedictorian's speech and clearing a protest encampment. The senate expressed dissatisfaction with the administration's actions but did not go as far as a vote of no-confidence.

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In response to the challenge of chasing unpaid bills, what new requirement are hospitals increasingly implementing before performing procedures?

Hospitals and surgery centers are requiring full payment in advance for procedures to avoid chasing patients for payment after the fact. Some patients struggle to come up with the funds and have been forced to delay procedures.