Zendaya at The Met Gala

Theo Wargo/GA/The Hollywood Reporter

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Yesterday was the 2024 Met Gala. Paying tribute to nature and and inspired by a J.G. Ballard short story, what was the theme?

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How did Israel respond to a cease-fire proposal from Hamas that it found unsatisfactory?

Israel began hitting targets in Rafah after Hamas accepted a proposal for a cease-fire that Israel deemed unacceptable. The proposal, mediated by Egypt and Qatar, included Hamas's demands, such as a cessation of military operations and a withdrawal of Israeli forces before an exchange of hostages.

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What change did Columbia University announce in response to ongoing pro-Palestinian protests and related arrests on campuses nationwide?

Columbia University has canceled its main commencement ceremony due to ongoing pro-Palestinian protests and arrests on campuses across the country. This follows other colleges who canceled commencements for similar reasons, such as at the University of Southern California.

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What does a recent study suggest about the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s for individuals with two copies of gene variant APOE4?

The recent study found that people with two copies of the gene variant APOE4 are almost certain to develop Alzheimer's, proposing a new framework for diagnosis years before symptoms appear. However, until there are treatments for those with two copies of APOE4, some doctors say it's best not to figure out your status.

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How did a group of 13 conservative U.S. federal judges respond to Columbia University's handling of pro-Palestinian demonstrations?

The conservative U.S. federal judges have decided to stop hiring law students or undergraduates from Columbia University due to the university's handling of pro-Palestinian demonstrations. This decision was made as a form of protest against what they perceive as the university's support for anti-Israel sentiment.