Northern Lights visible in Maine

Robert F. Bukaty/AP

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What phenomenon caused the Northern Lights to be visible as far south as Florida and Southern California over the weekend?

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The singer Nemo recently won the Eurovision Song Contest with “The Code”, a hybrid rap and opera song. What country are they from?

Switzerland won the Eurovision Song Contest with Nemo's song 'The Code,' exploring the artist's nonbinary identity. The song impressed both the jury and the public, narrowly beating Croatia. They sang it while balancing on a spinning disc.

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Citing the country’s rising military spending, what senior position did Vladimir Putin replace with a civilian?

Putin appointed civilian Andrey Belousov as Defense Minister. Belousov was chosen for his economic background and leadership experience, with Putin emphasizing the need for change in a time of increased military expenditure.

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26 House Democrats sent a letter to President Biden regarding the decision to halt the sending of heavy bombs to Israel. What was their main concern?

The concern of the 26 House Democrats is that halting the shipment of heavy bombs to Israel could send a message to Hamas that Israel lacks support.

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Who among Donald Trump's children declined an invitation to serve as a delegate at the Republican National Convention?

Barron Trump, the youngest child of Donald Trump, declined to serve as a delegate at the Republican National Convention. Despite being chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, Barron will not participate in this role.