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Which international body ruled that Israel must halt its military offensive in Rafah, Gaza, despite having no enforcement power?

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Emphasizing the sacrifices made by veterans, where did President Biden deliver his Memorial Day tribute?

President Biden's Memorial Day tribute at Arlington National Cemetery highlighted the sacrifices made by veterans. His speech underscored the importance of defending democracy.

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Which tennis legend, often dubbed the 'King of Clay,' likely made his final appearance at The French Open after losing in the first round?

Rafael Nadal is known for his dominance on clay courts, having won the French Open 14 times with an 112–4 record. However, recent injuries have raised questions about his future in professional tennis.

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Which NBA Hall of Famer, a star on UCLA and the Boston Celtics, passed away at the age of 71?

Bill Walton was a basketball legend who achieved success at every level of the sport, winning championships in high school, college, and the NBA. He later became a beloved TV analyst. Walton died of colon cancer at his home in San Diego.

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Which Arkansas senator has emerged as a top contender for Donald Trump's vice-presidential pick?

Senator Tom Cotton is known for his military background and strong conservative stances. Cotton's disciplined approach contrasts with other contenders who might introduce more unpredictability.