Donald Trump in court

Pool photo by Andrew Kelly

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What evidence did prosecutor Joshua Steinglass describe as the 'smoking guns' of Trump's scheme to falsify business records in his hush money trial?

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Also in the hush money trial, which of the following was the main issue pushed by the defense in their closing arguments?

Michael Cohen's past convictions of tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations may impact his reliability as a witness. The defense continued to cast doubts on Cohen's reliability.

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What controversial action did Pope Francis apologize for after a closed-door meeting with Italian bishops?

During a closed-door meeting with Italian bishops, Pope Francis used an offensive slang word referring to gay men. Despite the apology, the incident has sparked debate over the Church's stance on LGBTQ issues.

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13 Oregon counties have voted for the 'Greater Idaho Project' due to cultural and political differences with the rest of the state. What does the project propose?

The Greater Idaho Movement seeks to redraw state lines to better align with the cultural and political values of the residents. Proponents argue it would better represent their interests, while opponents believe it could lead to complex legal and logistical issues. To proceed, approval is required from both state legislatures and Congress.

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Who announced a $1 billion donation through her organization, Pivotal, to support women's rights and reproductive health in the U.S.?

Melinda French Gates is focusing on women's rights and reproductive health through her organization, Pivotal. Her initiative addresses the racial mortality gap and the underfunding of women's organizations in philanthropy.