Tim Cook on stage

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At its WWDC conference yesterday, which tech giant announced that it will soon integrate generative AI into its operating system, with an emphasis on user privacy?

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Which U.S official visited Israel yesterday to advance a cease-fire and post-war reconstruction plans for Gaza?

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Israeli leaders to discuss a cease-fire proposal that includes the release of hostages and the withdrawal of Israeli forces. The plan also addresses reconstruction efforts in Gaza amidst severe humanitarian issues.

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In the wake of a significant defeat by the far-right in the European Parliament elections, what political gamble did French President Emmanuel Macron decide to make?

Macron's decision to call for a snap parliamentary election is seen as a high-stakes gamble to regain political control.

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Donald Trump underwent a probation interview for his NY hush money case yesterday. What was the purpose of this interview?

The probation interview aims to gather information for a report that will help Judge Juan Merchan decide on Trump's sentence. The report could influence whether Trump receives prison time, probation, or a conditional discharge.

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Which body of the United Nations passed a resolution in support of President Biden's ceasefire plan in Gaza, despite Russia's abstention?

The UN Security Council is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. The resolution urges Hamas to accept a three-phase ceasefire plan, which Israel has already agreed to, aiming to de-escalate the conflict in Gaza.