Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

Susan Walsh/Associated Press

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Following similar mandates for cigarettes and alcohol, what did Surgeon General Vivek Murthy propose to communicate the potential harm of social media on mental health?

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What structural change did Prime Minister Netanyahu make following the resignations of two out of the eight members of Israel's war cabinet?

The resignations led Prime Minister Netanyahu to dissolve the war cabinet, which was largely symbolic as key discussions are now managed by Netanyahu, his defense minister, and close advisers. Far-right politicians are demanding inclusion in these discussions.

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Which action did Maryland Governor Wes Moore take to help those with low-level marijuana convictions?

Maryland Governor Wes Moore pardoned over 175,000 low-level marijuana convictions, impacting about 100,000 individuals. This action follows the state's legalization of recreational marijuana in 2022 and aims to address historical racial disparities in drug-related convictions.

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Vladimir Putin is set to visit which country for the second time since September to acquire weapons?

Putin's visit highlights North Korea's strategic importance for Russia, particularly in providing conventional weapons for the war in Ukraine. This trip underscores the strengthening military ties between the two nations amidst international scrutiny and sanctions.

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What is the main issue that a federal appeals court has agreed to hear in September regarding TikTok?

The Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act mandates TikTok to divest by January 19 due to concerns over its Chinese ownership. Proponents argue it protects national security, while opponents claim it infringes on free enterprise.