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Why did the Federal Reserve decide to maintain its benchmark lending rates at a 23-year high for the seventh consecutive time?

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What was the reason for the House's vote to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress?

The House vote reflects ongoing partisan tensions. Republicans argue withholding the audio of an interview with President Biden about his classified documents case undermines transparency, while Democrats claim the contempt vote is politically motivated. The vote was sharply divided, with most Republicans supporting the measure.

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Which nation's fleet of warships recently arrived in Cuban waters, marking the first time its ships have visited the Caribbean since the end of the Cold War?

A fleet of Russian warships arrived in Cuban waters ahead of planned military exercises in the Caribbean. This move is seen as a projection of strength amid growing tensions over Western support for Ukraine.

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Julio Frenk, the current president at the University of Miami, has been named the first Latino chancellor at this university, which has seen violent protests and counter-protests on its campus.

Julio Frenk will be the first Latino chancellor in UCLA’s history. His appointment comes during a time of campus turmoil over pro-Palestinian activity, with ongoing protests and counter-protests highlighting the challenges he will face in promoting safety and freedom of expression.

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What medical practice, commonly used to help individuals start a family, was recently opposed by the Southern Baptist Convention?

The Southern Baptist Convention's opposition to in vitro fertilization stems from concerns about the moral status of embryos. Critics argue this stance limits reproductive options for couples facing infertility.