Protesters in Nairobi

Brian Inganga/Associated Press

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At least five people were killed and over 30 injured after violent protests and a military crackdown erupted in Nairobi, Kenya. What action by lawmakers triggered the protest?

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The Supreme Court has agreed to review two state laws that restrict access to this medical treatment for patients under the age of 18.

Gender-affirming care includes treatments like puberty blockers and hormone therapy. Proponents argue these treatments are essential for the mental health of transgender youth, while opponents believe they pose significant medical risks and ethical concerns.

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Russia has blamed the U.S. for a recent attack on a port in Crimea. What evidence did they cite?

Russia claims the attack on Crimea involved U.S.-supplied Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) rockets. The strike resulted in civilian casualties and significant damage, escalating tensions between Russia and the U.S.

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The FBI recently raided the home of this mayor, who is facing a recall election due to frustration over rising crime and burglaries in their city.

Mayor Sheng Thao of Oakland is under scrutiny as residents express frustration over crime and homelessness. The FBI raid has intensified concerns about her leadership, despite her support from progressive allies and labor unions.

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Which electric vehicle company, headquartered in Irvine, California, secured a $5 billion investment from Volkswagen, causing its shares to rise 50%?

Volkswagen aims to strengthen its position in the electric vehicle market through this substantial investment. The deal includes an initial $1 billion with additional investments planned by 2026, demonstrating confidence in Rivian's growth potential.