Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the debate stage in Atlanta

Kenny Holston / The New York Times

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The first 2024 election debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump took place last night at the CNN headquarters in which city?

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Which state’s near-total abortion ban was paused by a Supreme Court decision, temporarily allowing emergency abortions?

The Supreme Court decision reinstated a lower-court ruling, allowing emergency abortions in Idaho to protect a woman’s health. This decision is temporary and does not permanently resolve the legality of the state's near-total abortion ban.

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Largely due to the growing momentum of the far-right National Rally party, what political gamble did French President Emmanuel Macron announce yesterday?

By dissolving Parliament, Macron is taking a significant political gamble. The far-right National Rally party has been gaining momentum, and new elections could result in a power-sharing arrangement that may complicate his final three years in office.

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Which provision in the Purdue Pharma opioid settlement was rejected by the Supreme Court, jeopardizing billions in compensation for the victims?

The Supreme Court ruling against immunity for the Sackler family means they could still face future lawsuits. This decision complicates the settlement process aimed at distributing billions to address the opioid crisis.

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What significant first in NBA history did the Los Angeles Lakers achieve by drafting Bronny James yesterday?

The Los Angeles Lakers made history by drafting Bronny James, marking the first time a father-son duo, LeBron and Bronny James, will play on the same NBA team. This unique moment adds a new chapter to LeBron's storied career.