Trump in court

Dave Sanders for The New York Times

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Following the recent Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, when did the judge in Donald Trump's Manhattan criminal case reschedule his sentencing?

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Which House Democrat, representing a district once held by Lyndon Johnson, became the first sitting Democrat to publicly urge President Biden withdraw from the upcoming election?

Rep. Lloyd Doggett expressed concerns that President Biden's candidacy could jeopardize the Democratic Party's chances in the upcoming election. He believes that Biden stepping aside might prevent a potential win for Donald Trump.

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According to his attorney, what argument is central to Donald Trump’s defense in his 'fake electors' indictment?

Trump's attorney claims that the fake electors scheme should be considered an 'official act' under presidential duties, thus making him immune from prosecution. This argument hinges on a recent Supreme Court ruling regarding presidential immunity.

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What punishment did Rudy Giuliani face for making 'false and misleading' statements about the 2020 election?

Giuliani's disbarment resulted from his demonstrably false statements to courts and the public, which contributed to national strife. The court emphasized the seriousness of his misconduct, and Giuliani plans to appeal the decision.

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Which pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, has been awarded $176 million by the U.S. government to develop a vaccine against the bird flu?

Moderna will use the funding to advance its mRNA-based vaccine against H5N1 avian influenza. This initiative is part of efforts to prepare for potential future outbreaks and improve public health preparedness.