NATO leaders

Doug Mills/The New York Times

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Celebrating its 75th anniversary, this international organization began its summit in Washington this week.

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Which leader is being closely scrutinized by Western allies during his diplomatic visit to Russia after re-election?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Russia is significant due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia. Modi aims to maintain India's strategic autonomy by balancing relationships with Russia and Western nations, despite the diplomatic challenges.

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Which prominent Republican criticized the RNC for not endorsing a national abortion ban, calling it a 'profound disappointment'?

Mike Pence argued that the RNC should uphold pro-life principles by supporting a national abortion ban. The RNC's current stance, influenced by Trump, leaves abortion policy to individual states.

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In his closing arguments, what did federal prosecutor Paul Monteleoni claim as evidence of Sen. Bob Menendez's alleged corruption during his trial?

Federal prosecutor Paul Monteleoni presented evidence showing a pattern of corruption involving high-value bribes received by Sen. Bob Menendez. These bribes included cash, gold, and a vehicle, allegedly exchanged for political favors.

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What policy did Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin issue via executive order to create a more focused public school environment?

Governor Youngkin's executive order aims to limit students' exposure to addictive cell phones and social media. The Virginia Department of Education must draft guidance by Aug. 15, with schools adopting the policy by Jan. 1, 2025.